Become a Judge

Become a Judge

The CSPA Judging Program

Eventually all skydivers ask the same question. Where do I go from here? Some decide to be competitors, some become coachs, some instructors and others try judging. Like all other parts of skydiving this program requires dedication and hard work. There are no free rides, but at the end you can join the few who make competition a fair and equitable reality.

Where and when to start? For the when, the answer is anytime. You should probably wait until your basic skydiving has been accomplished, but having said that, you need not even be a skydiver to become a rated judge. For the where, just contact CSPA and tell them you want to sign up for the next QE course being offered. Or, speak to a judge, or contact the Competition Committee (CNTC) and one of these contacts should be able to tell you when the next QE course is being held.

What's a QE? There are a number of steps to becoming a judge. The first is to take a QE (Qualified Evaluator) course. This course conducted by one or more Nationaly rated judges gives you the basics in one or more disciplines. These are accuracy, style, formation skydiving, canopy formation, artistic events (freefly) and canopy piloting. Having received a passing mark on a written exam and completing a practical you will be rated as a QE. This rating alows you to judge at local and provincial competitions. It is at these competitions and by taking further classroom courses that you will progress.

Judging is not for everyone, but for those few, the rewards are many. You can join the ranks of Canadian judges who are considered the best in the world. There is very seldom a competition anywhere that does not have one or more Canadian judges.