Solo Certificate

Solo Certificate


The Solo Certificate is the first step in becoming a licensed skydiver. It allows the skydiver to jump by themself without direct supervision of an Instructor. The skydiver will have demonstrated an ability to plan and conduct a safe skydive through the tasks completed below.

It is a national certification that is not recognized internationally.

The holder of a Solo Certificate may:

  • Participate in solo skydives
  • Participate in 1:1 RW training with a Coach 2 for the 2-way RW endorsement.
  • Participate at Provincial and National Competitions (in qualified disciplines).


Freefall Proficiency 

Performed one solo freefall delay greater than 30 seconds


Performed one 5 second solo freefall delay from 4000 feetJM, PFFI
Demonstrated in freefall, belly to earth, a figure 8 turn (360 degree turns in both directions)JM, PFFI
Perform an intentional unstable exit (such as`Ride the slide` exit) and recover within 5 seconds.JM, PFFI
Canopy Solo Endorsement 
Completed three self-spotted (unassisted) jumps with controlled self-guided, stand-up, safe, canopy landings to within 50 meters of the targetJM, PFFI

Under canopy, demonstrate a 180 flat turn in both directions


Under canopy, demonstrated a rear riser turn (above 2000 ft)


Technical Knowledge 

Completed the Solo Checkout Jump Endorsement


Completed the Emergency Procedures Review - Solo


Accumulated 10 jumps and a minimum of 3 minutes of freefall with stable activation at the prescribed altitude on the last five jumps


Correctly answer all Solo test questions




The evaluations for this CoP are completed by the Signing Officer listed for the appropriate task. These requirements must be witnessed and signed in the logbook by the Coach/Instructor who has the proper rating. During processing of the application, the logbook entries are reviewed with special attention being paid to the specific practical qualifications for this certificate.

Practical Skills

The practical skills required for this certificate will demonstrate that a skydiver can control their body in flight. Whether from an intentionally unstable exit like the "Ride the Slide" or doing turns such as the Figure 8. In all cases this must be done with control and altitude awareness.

The purpose of doing the canopy stall and recovery is the skydiver to learn the feeling and solution to a canopy stall. At this early in their skydiving career, it is not unheard of for a skydiver to flare early. And it would be wise to know how to recover safely.

All practical skills for this certificate must be achieved prior to answering the Solo test questions.


The endorsements required for this certificate are:

These endorsements will be tested by either written testing, verbal questioning and/or practical testing, or a combination of these.

All endorsements for this certificate must be obtained prior to answering the Solo test questions.

If your log book does not have an endorsement card you can obtain one here.

Technical Knowledge

The technical knowledge for this certificate is evaluated by answering the Solo test questions. These may be given verbally or written. Preparation for these questions can be made by reviewing PIM 2A.

How to Apply

Contact an SSE, so as to determine if requirements and qualifications have been met, prior to applying. Each DZ normally has at least one SSE.