"C" CoP

"C" CoP


The holder of a "C" CoP may:

  • Qualify for the position of DZ safety officer
  • Qualify for an EJR, having met the prerequisites



Freefall Proficiency 
Completed one of the following three tasks: 
5 FS 4 way jumps with 5 or more completed formations within 35 sec of exit using a minimum of 4 different FAI formations per jumpC2, FS Judge, CDC
style Cross series in less than 13 seconds (Left turn, right turn, backloop, right turn, left turn, backloop)C2, Judge, CDC
freefly series in less than 16 seconds (From the sit, back-loop, front-loop, 360 right turn, 360 left turn, cartwheel right, cartwheel left)C2, judged using
Air to Air video, CDC
Canopy Proficiency 
Completed one of the following three tasks: 
less than 15 cm scored on an electronic scoring pad on 5 precision accuracy jumpsC2, Judge, CDC
5 CF 4 way jumps with 4 rotations (5 points) within 2 min 30 sec of aircraft exitC2, Judge, CDC
Performed 10 self-guided standup accuracy jumps within 10 meters of the targetC2, Judge, CDC
Sport Canopy Endorsement C 
Sport Canopy BriefingC2
Demonstrate Canopy skills appropriate for a C CopC2
Completed the Emergency Procedures Review CC2

Completed 200 jumps and accumulated 60 min FF time


Achieved a pass mark of a least 80% on a written exam




The evaluations for this CoP are completed by the Signing Officer listed for the appropriate task. These requirements must be witnessed and signed in the logbook by the Coach/Instructor who has the proper rating. During processing of the application, the logbook entries are reviewed with special attention being paid to the specific practical qualifications for this certificate.


Practical Skills

All practical skills for this certificate must be achieved prior to writing the "C" CoP exam.



The endorsement required for this certificate is:

This endorsement will be tested by either written testing, verbal questioning and/or practical testing, or a combination of these.

The endorsement for this certificate must be obtained prior to writing the "C" CoP exam.


Technical Knowledge

The technical knowledge evaluated for this CoP is done during the written examination. Please check the study guide for this CoP to help with exam preparation.