Athlete Development & Women's Initiatives Funding

Athlete Development & Women's Initiatives Funding

Athlete Development Funding

For the 2019 budget year, CSPA is able to provide funding to support athlete (skydiver) development in keeping with stages 4 through 6 of Flight Plan, the Long Term Athlete Development Plan for skydiving. The Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) committee will, in collaboration with CSPA Registered Participants and Members, support opportunities for skill development camps, seminars and workshops which promote and develop skills related to the competitive disciplines.

The goal in providing skill development opportunities is:

  1. To promote the competitive disciplines to CSPA Registered Participants and develop skills which lead to successful competition and increase safe participation in the sport.
  2. To provide competition opportunities for CSPA Registered Participants as an introduction to competition and a means to identify potential National Team Members.
  3. To provide opportunities for Competition Development coaches and officials to further develop their skills and progress to the next level of certification.

For more information on Athlete Development Funding and how to apply, visit

Deadline for applications is April 12th, 2019

Women’s Initiatives Funding

The Women’s Initiatives Committee (WIC) was formed as an adhoc committee to address Sport Canada guidelines to generate more female participation in skydiving. The WIC is dedicated to not only increasing female participation by recruitment, but retaining our current participants by offering them training and development opportunities. The WIC is now accepting funding requests for events/individuals/teams that will offer women access to new opportunities, as well as foster self-empowerment and inclusion.

Applications will be reviewed and awarded funding based on (but not limited to) the following guidelines:

  1. All Athlete Development Funding Guidelines are met.
  2. Goals that offer females access to new opportunities, and foster self-empowerment and inclusion
  3. Relation of the goals to the safety and development of female skydivers.
  4. Level of involvement of females in the event or initiative (as participants, coaches, applicants and/or organizers), in a manner that will promote or support the committee’s objectives.

For more information on Women’s Initiatives Funding and how to apply, visit

Deadline for applications is April 12th, 2019

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